How to Best Prepare for Moving Day.

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First of all, de-clutter and organize as much as you can before the actual day of the move. The professional moving company will base the estimated cost of the move on the weight and volume of your belongings. The less you have to move, the less the move will cost. You will also save time when it comes to packing and unpacking.

Now that you know what you will be taking with you to your new place, it’s time to prepare a detailed inventory of your belongings. This is essential for insurance purposes, as well as any loss or damage claims you may need to file with the moving company after your move. Although a simple list of your belongings is better than not having a list at all, taking pictures or videos of your belongings and documenting their cost is much more beneficial in case you need to prove that an item was in good condition before the move and the value of the item.

Make sure you understand the moving company’s and your insurance company’s policies regarding claims. Prior to the move, mark any claim deadlines on your calendar. Be sure to allow yourself time to gather your documentation for the claim and submit it on time.

Decide what to do with items that the moving company will not ship. You may wish to transport these items in your own vehicle or give them to friends or family. When disposing of hazardous material, such as paint, please respect the environment and use a designated municipal disposal facility.

On moving day, keep your wallet, purse, valuables, and important paperwork in a secure place during the packing process. It is also a good idea to designate a “Do Not Pack” area for items you want to move yourself to ensure these items do not get packed by mistake.

If you are having the moving company pack your belongings, give them a tour of the house when they arrive on packing day. Point out any fragile or oddly shaped items that require special care. Let the packing crew know that you are available to answer any questions.

During loading day, never leave an open moving van or house unattended. A member of the moving crew or one of your friends/family members should be in the house and by truck at all times. Passers-by can easily walk away with a box or two! Before the truck drives away, do a final walk through of your home. Check to make sure all items have been moved. Talk to your driver to find out when they expect to arrive at your new destination.

Say your final good-byes to your house. Now you can look forward to new adventures and making memories in your new home.