Small Moves

Small moves usually involve 2,000 pounds or less; a good example of this is maybe 1-2 rooms of furniture, a piano, or a small studio apartment.

Mr. Beal, the owner of Beal's Moving travels through out the state monthly and combines small shipments in order to offer you the most affordable price. Don’t be fooled by thinking that your “do it yourself moves” will save you money, especially when you consider all the costs involved such as a truck rental , taxes, insurance, fuel, meals on the road, supplies such as pads, dollies etc. and most importantly loss of wages from your job. Before you decide, compare the cost to that of a full service move from Beal’s Moving. Many assume that because they are doing all of the work themselves, they will save a significant amount of money… but this is not always the case. You might be surprised that you can have a high quality full service move from Beal’s Moving for a similar and often lower price. We offer a quick turn around time so your items arrive approximately within 24-72 hours.

For a free moving quote click here or call one of our friendly estimators at Beal’s moving @ 707-585-3280.

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